Big ol' music vid thread.. retried

After the boards went down, all threads deleted, yada yada, we all remember.

FF7 (spoilers)
Kingdom Hearts (meh… some spoilers)
FF10 (some spoilers)
off to bed i go


nice vids Steve, but i didnt really like the song for the Kingdom Hearts one…

EDIT: and why havent you been in the chat ;_;

my mom limits my computer time now

That sucks man, I was tring my hardest to get into the chat room too… but, I like them! Espeically the Kingdom Hearts!

Good videos and such Steve.

Chris-Chris, I can walk you through setting up IRC if you have AIM, and still want to get on.

I’m the guy that helps the peoples into the chats >:(

Thanks for the reviews though :slight_smile:

Yes… I’m still having trouble joing chat…:frowning: