Big Nutter attacks again

These were originally posted here:

I quoted only this part of his post, and then he edited it all to remove this mention. But I remember it went on like “for fear of some swedish/norwegian people.”

Then Eva told him to stop:

His response:

I had made a threat to tell some people about his behavior, so that’s probably the reason he’s mentioning names.

Isn’t he banned from here? Because uh… people didn’t want to hear what you’re relaying to us?

I heard it was just in the chat. And that he was baned from harassing her.

The only thing I can think of as of this moment is WHY THE HELL WON’T HE GIVE IT UP? Not only with me, but if he does mean some other girl this time, you’d think anybody would have understood by now that girls don’t like that kind of thing being said about them online. -_-

I honestly don’t see this ending well whatsoever.

I’ll quote a speech I wrote on the Mod forums about someone we were trying to ban. Hopefully this provides a bit of insight and understanding in your frustration.

Edit: very funny TD