Big movie

If anyone has seen the movie Big, i have a question. In the beginning the dude went and stayed in St James hotel and in his room, he could here everyone screaming. Then this dude yelled stuff in Spanish. Then there was a gunshot.

What the heck was the deal with that area. I mean it was a bad area of New York, but it sounds like the hotel had all these mafia people in it

I looked it up on gooogle and cant find the answer.

I believe it’s a section called ‘plot fodder’. Ok, seriously…I don’t think it’s any particular part of New York. O_o

Your thinking way to much.

They just wanted to get the point across that he was a little boy trapped in an adults body, and everything around him was new and scary.

what happens when I’m a little girl trapped in a big boys body? I’m scarred too… >_<