Big Bang

Can any of you smart fellows here explain to me just how the Big Bang started? What’s the dominant theories surrounding the creation of the gases (I think) that started the initial bang? Every thing I’ve ever found has been riddled with physics mumbo jumbo that gives me a headache. So, any help here? :slight_smile:

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Isn’t this what the LHC is for?

It’s probably just all Quantum.

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I’ve read theories that “the” big bang is actually part of a cyclical process that the universe undergoes. One idea was that the big bang sends everything flying out in all directions, but gravity gradually pulls it back together till there is a singularity again, which explodes, ad infinitum. This theory seems out of fashion, because current math indicates that the universe will probably just keep expanding, despite the pull of gravity.

Another theory works on the fact that, when matter and its corresponding antimatter come in contact, they cease to exist. Either can spontaneously come to exist, but so does the other simultaneously. Give the “universe” enough “time” (both rather meaningless phrases if there is no matter or energy), and eventually a big bang will spontaneously erupt.

Along similar principles, according to quantum mechanics, particles behave in random ways. The laws of thermodynamics say that every reaction will be entropic. This is not quite true. For instance, oxygen and carbon dioxide gases could spontaneously separate into two chambers. It is just that given trillions of particles, where more than 50% of the possible things they do lead to more entropy, probability basically says there will always be more entropy. But once the universe has disintegrated to nothing but heat waves, eventually, a spontaneous event should occur that reverses what was total entropy. How long would it take? If X is the highest number any computer has ever calculated, the number of “years” involved would surely exceed X^X^X^etc., adding as many X’s as you feel like. But theoretically, it should happen.

Of course, I have not taken a real science course since high school, so I am open to corrections.

Considering that humanity has already created, stored, and released antimatter into the wild, I don’t think it’ll be starting up any Big Bangs any time soon.

The Universe is actually past the point where gravity can pull it back together, in short the Universe will keep getting bigger and colder until all the stars die and eventually black holes evaporate leaving very little behind.

As for the question at hand about the Big Bang and the physics associated, look up information on M-theory ( It’s really fucking hard to describe though. There was an episode about it on the Universe on The Histoy Channel ( Season 3 Episode 3 Parallel Universes talks about it a little bit. It’s also a good show in general.

Here’s the upshot of it: In the beginning there was nothing. Then suddenly, there was stuff. The End.

Nah, that’s for a Black Mesa-like accident. That whole ‘God particle’ thing is really just a cover up.

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Also the reason no-one knows is because before the universe was created, the laws of physics as we know them didn’t apply. So it’s almost impossible for us to even theorise about what happened.

Also we could never really test it, as this is the only universe we get.