Big Bang Big Boom

9:55 min worth watching.

Hey Noob, we don’t like it when people post links to their website right off the bat. Read the rules.


you fail at being funny/ witty/ of any interest to anybody.

You fail at showing us new stuff. YOU showed us this video like 3 years ago.

That would have been difficult. It was made in 2010. Now stop being an idiot for once kthxbye

raises eyebrow

Neat video, thanks DT!

That… Must’ve been very expensive to make, I’m thinking of all the paint. And the time it must’ve taken to do.

Ohhh, neat! :smiley:

I’m sorta disappointed that it ended with the typical nuke 'em all ending. Or at least without really touching on the whole making it off the planet and into space thing before hand.

Other than that, great video.

Oh yeah, I watched this two weeks ago at Uni… It’s absolutely awesome! I can’t begin to comprehend the amount of time, effort, commitment, patience and other various qualities necessary to undertake such a task!

Thanks for link DT :slight_smile: