Betty Brown (R) suggests Asian Americans change names:

I thought this was a joke, at first, since I saw it on a humor site first. Then I did some reasearch and lo and behold, there is actually a lawmaker that wants people to change their names that are “easier for Americans to deal with.” Then she has the gall to say that it isn’t racially motivated. If she believes that asking someone with a different ethnic background to change their name to a more Anglicized one isn’t racist, I wonder what she defines racism as.

She must think that when you say racist she thinks of slavery and white and blacks. I like stereotypes better. Like how im gona go get a mexican to cut my lawn or give some chicken to Obama. Or how im gona go eat some cheese.

I agree. Wholesome White American names such as Pani Jadwiga Kwiatkowska are much easier than CRAZY Asian names like Park Lee Kim. Those aren’t even words.

When I see a black guy walking down the street, I’m going to assume he’s a shithead. I don’t hate the color of his skin, but I’m aware that because his skin is that color, he probably belongs to a certain racial identity that causes people to act like shitheads. Does that make me a racist? Or does it just make me a guy who hates shitheads and understands the pressure a racist society puts on black people to act like shitheads?

This is another case of “correlation doesn’t imply causation.” Just because certain races tend to have certain names doesn’t mean asking them to change them is racially motivated.

(BTW, I didn’t read the article, or even click on it.)

Actually, that does make you pretty racist, Hades.

No, it does not. You either read it wrong or your definition of racism has nothing to do with racial discrimination.

No it pretty much does.

I read your post, and what you are doing counts as racial discrimination. You assume he’s a shithead because of this person’s skin tone. I’d say that’s pretty racist, regardless of how you want to pretty up your argument.

Rinn, you’re fucking stupid. Look, race != culture. Hating the black race is racism. Hating their culture is not. Don’t confuse the two. I don’t hate black people because they’re black. If I did, I’d hate all of them instead of just the ones who act like shitheads. This is not hard to understand, but if you’re going to insist on knee-jerking off, I’m done talking to you.

GAP, it’s not because of his skin tone. You’re missing the point.

if you have to deny you’re a racist you’re probably a racist, hth

Are you serious? Is that your argument?

GAP, talk to me, please :confused:

I agree with Hades. If you go walking down the ghetto at night who do see most? Black people. You would also assume that some would have guns just because of the racial profiling that everyone has grown up in. It doesn’t meen that you yourself are racist but you have been “taught” that they will most likely be there and have guns. Most of the time its correct. Why? Because thats how allot of Black people are raised in that type of environment so they feel the need to live up to that lifestyle. Does that make me racist? No. I think it just makes me inclined to think that whether or not i want to. Even so, they live up to the racial discrimination themselves so the things we think most of the time end up to be true.

I think Boltgun gets it. Assuming things about someone because of the color of their skin, in the context of living in a certain society, is not necessarily racism. Racism is when you hate people because of the color of the skin itself. There’s a difference between doing that, and merely understanding the pressures put on them by a racist society because of that skin.

Also, I’m speaking in terms of assumptions here. I’m not saying I automatically hate everyone who’s black because they’re black. Just that until they prove otherwise, I’m going to assume certain things. It’s the nature of the world we live in.

But you’re using a guilty until proven innocent mindset. You’re going to assume that every black person you meet, until they say or act otherwise, is going to be, and I quote, “a shithead.” This is racism. You’re specifically racist against black Canadians.

All three of them!

Assuming they’re a shithead and saying that being black inherently makes them a shithead are two different things. You can assume someone you’ve never met is a shithead for a variety of reasons other than race.

Hades is weaving some kind of venn-diagram of shitheads.

I like how you generalize all environments everywhere as the environment of hatemongering you grew up in.

…is it bad that this description pleases me?

I didn’t generalize all environments. If you could read correctly then you would know i said the environment they grew up in.

As for shitheads, I could assume steve is a shithead. Whether that is true or not is left to be determined when you know them. It doesn’t meen you treat them differently until you know. Once you know though, feel free to be a shithead back.