better rank titles

can you make em like swordsman, monk, bounty hunter. stuff like that is cool.

EarthBound is cooler.

Yeah, we’re not gonna change them based on your complaints. You have a DBZ sig, you have no right to judge whats cool.

huh what does that meen.

It means you have bad taste.

We do have titles like swordsman, you just havent gotten there, baby.

Or you can just post spam untill you reach 1000 posts and then make your own title- so each day you feel like a new one, you can have it. Isn’t that great?


He’s well on his way! :smiley:

We used to have job related titles, but then Merlin crushed us all and instated his cruel regime of Earthbound.

But Earthbound is cool so that makes it okay. :ark:

EB blows goats! I agree with the noob, we need better titles. I didnt know they were related to EB. cuz EB sucks!

Damn Merlin! You’ve changed! It’s like you’re a whole other person now!

Isn’t it horrible!?

Gots to love the newness of merly…

Here lies the problem: How can anyone make themselfs look like such an ass in a grand total of six posts?


stabs you in the guy awww, for the better?

All of a sudden theres alot of 10 and 11 year olds posting. Whats up with that?

We’re being invaded.

Ohmigod! It’s all my fault. I made the MMBN3 shrine. Kids love MMBN3. Therefore kids = here. I’m so sorry!

I had a theory that involved the fact that this is currently Summer Vacation, but someone else said to me in the chat thast “this idea is stupid”, sao I won’t bother explanding on it.