Bestiary Restoration?

The comprehensive FF site looks VERY weird with an ultimately small bestiary as it is now (only FF4 seems to work). I think it’s about 3 months that we’re in this situation. Wouldn’t it be better to restore the bestiary with all our users’ might?

P.S. Previously to today, I was simply a viewer of FFC. I am into Final Fantasy for … eh… seems to be about 5 years, and that’s something, counting that I’m 16-years old…

Unfortunately, the bestiary was done by a third person (Lord_Skylark) who, since the hack and hard drive crash, has pretty much disappeared. I don’t know where he went or why he won’t answer his e-mail. -_-

So shouldn’t we just start the work from the scratch? It is not a great chellenge, you know, and if every user contributes something, we will restore the bestiary. Simply open a page of Contribute a Monster with a form you will need to fill.

No, we shouldn’t. The Bestiary was only ever an add-on. I don’t feel that it’s necessary for the site’s purpose, which in the main is to showcase the stories (characters, places etc.) of each game as well as the similarities between the games in various ways. A comprehensive list of every single monster in every single game is not necessary IMO. There are plenty of other ways to get those lists if you want.

Of course if we had the bestiaries already there, I didn’t mind posting it. But I’m not going to beg my readers to “submit a monster”.

Yeah, like Cidolfas said, there’s no shortage of sites that can provide such a service (FFonline and GameFAQs being my top choices for such a thing). My question is, should we then take down the bestiary?

If there’s nothing in it, yeah. We’ll have to somehow rearrange the top image and imagemap, though… not sure I’ll have time to do it.