Best Zelda Game

Alright, I admit, I play mainly Zelda games…

I just want to know what other people think.

I say The Legend of Zelda (aka: Zelda 1)

Ocarina of Time for N64 was literally the ONLY one I like.

The power of nostalgia: The original Legend of Zelda. I’ve played the two NES ones, Link to the Past, and Link’s Awakening DX. Also Ocarina of Time a tiny bit.

Ocarina of Time. The original was a close second.

Ocarina, no contest.

Super Smash Bros. Melee… ::dekar!::

Ocarina of Time. There is NO contest here.

I voted for A Link to the Past . But I don’t think much of Zelda games.

Links awakening.

I haven’t played the N64 or GC games yet, so I haven’t much to compare…

Adventure of Link! \m/,

Ocarina and MAjora are pretty much the only Zelda’s I like.

Link’s awakening was my first Zelda game. Damn it was easy to beat.

Melee wasn’t technically a Zelda game…

I meant something like one of the three from the Philips CDI system…anyone know where I can get one, BTW, and/or those Zelda games? It’s even too much for me on ebay.

I had to vote for Ocarina of Time. It’s my favorite Zelda game.

And no, I have no idea where to get those three games for the Philips CDI system. Sorry.

I’m surprised more people like Link’s Adventure than any of the GB ones.

i remember finishing zelda a link to the past with my dad when i was like 6 or 7. it was probably the first video game i can remember playin.

and its been 1 of my favourite games ever since.


My first (and favorite) Zelda game was The Legend of Zelda, for NES. GG Crono 4 from this board got me Link’s Awakening for a birthday party years and years ago. I was reluctant to play any more Zelda games after the first, thinking “how could you improve on perfect?” The first is still my favorite, but man…they’re all pretty good.

Ocarina, it was revolutionary. If only it was as good as Secret of Mana… But still it was great. Majoras Mask & Windwaker are both good but they didn’t have the same impact on me as Ocarina did.

If only it was as good as Secret of Mana
I haven’t played it much yet, so I don’t know. However I think nothing beats Zelda, but that’s me :smiley: