Best. Ytmnd. Ever.

I guess so, if you’re a douche.

Thats awesome…

How DARE you not get website/forum inside jokes! :scream:

I think shin understands the jokes.

Who the fuck is shin? Shut up.

Wow, error pages sure are awesome!

hahaha, ytmnd is down! xD

Your sexy voice ruined it.


Wow. More YTMND. It’s not like it was old and stupid earlier, after all.

This was an awesome idea until you actually did it and posted it on the forums. Now it’s just retarded and you’ll probably get banned. I guess that’s pretty cool.

Here’s a hint. Some ideas are better left that way.

Yeah, so good that it has 1 star out of five…good job Steve, you fail at life!

This thread is hardly necessary or appropriate.