Best Value?



What about the white chocolate mocha frappuccinos? Or the iced white chocolate late? Those are so much better.

Someday, Starbucks will take over the world. You will see, they have stores everywhere.

$4 for a drink isn’t that bad. Especially when I used to have chocolate goddamn milk every fekking day at school for 12 damn years.

Two litres for less than a buck and you can’t pick? Are you insane???

Never really liked chocolate milk. Coffees are so much better, anyways.

This is one of the many reasons the US is slowly falling into madness. =’( People who don’t like chocolate milk.

I, an avid milk hater, still love the chocolate form of milk! If only there were chocolate milk cows so I could drink it from their warm, sweet udders.

Chocolate milk, unless we’re talking about the strawberries and cream faps… but those really aren’t coffee, and if chocolate milk AND strawberries were an option I’d have picked that.


I think it is the people who drink that mocha double crappacino shit. That stuff is not coffee! It is a milkshake!

Just get a regular cofee like a normal person.

I went to Dunkin Donuts today and they have new flavors of iced coffee. I almost puked when I read them.


And the all time worst coffee flavor…

Marshmallow. Thats right. MARSHMALLOW!


Give me coffee flavored coffee, thank you. I don’t even put sugar in it anymore.

Down with the capatilism!
i.e. go with the cheapy, and good value!


I always get strawberry. :slight_smile:

But I definetly vote frappucino.

I love chocolate milk.Im what you might call a chocoholic.Altough I adore misadvertisments as coffe (f.y.i. frappuccino) Chocolate owns