Best Untranslated SNES RPGs

Howdy. I know this is a pretty narrow topic, but can anyone recommend some quality SNES RPGs only available in Japanese?

I’ve played Lennus 2 and Romancing Saga 2, for example, and loved them. It’s hard to find untranslated games sometimes since most people can’t or don’t play them. My Japanese is finally to the point where they’re comprehensible, so I was wondering if people have any other suggestions.

One time I read about a Japanese-only game where there are school girls and a job system for example… But I have never found a trace of it again. Haha. Anything’s ok though.


I’ve always wondered what Far East From Eden was like.

If you’re a fan of the Tsukihime/Melty blood and Fate/stay night universes as well as tactical RPGs, then Battle Moon Wars Silver (バトルムーンウォーズ銀) may be for you!

I played a Sailormoon RPG and Tenchi Muyo strategy RPG. Those were pretty neat.

Thanks. Far East of Eden Zero looks cool! I remember hearing of it many times but for some reason I apparently never looked into it. Wow, I’ll check it out. And I played Tenchi Muyo in English, I think. Maybe I’m crazy and it was Japanese and I didn’t understand a word of it (cause it was years ago).

And holy cow… video game smilies. :victoly::hahaha;:no2: This is dreamy.

I think I know the school game you were talking about, though a quick search doesn’t bring it up. Unless I’m mistaken, the title started with an H and satsu was working at it at one time or another.

Maybe he means Tokimeki Memorial?

I thought he meant Magic Knight Rayearth, or possibly Princess Minerva?

[STRIKE]Or even possibly that Tenchi Muyou! game[/STRIKE] (nevermind it’s been covered).

Otherwise the closest thing I can think of is FF X-2 even though it is on a different system. (maybe that’s why you can’t find it)

Btw, pardon the thread hi-jacking, but I also have a similar problem where I have recently stumbled across a YouTube vid featuring a SRW-like game but with SD Magical Girls instead of the usual SD Mecha, but I know nothing else about it. Also, I do realize that the vid, the game, or both may have been hacked to create the illusion that such a game exists (as such with all YouTube vids). Does anyone know what I’m talking about?

I know and love the Magic Knights Rayearth game.

I haven’t played Tokimeki Memorial but I know it wasn’t that. From the description (on a translation site, like Donut Parodius/The Whirlpool I think), it sounded like a standard RPG but featuring a job system where the jobs are clubs or extracurricular activities. Similar to FFX-2 with the girls and the jobs. But schoolgirls.

I found a list of all RPGs ever to be released and am now checking every SNES one that I haven’t heard of. Not just for this game, but for any sweet unknown games. It’s pretty intriguing and lucrative so far, I’ve found a few that I want to play.

Such an exciting and mouth-watering list, thanks to wikipedia. :victoly:

If you saw it on Donut, you’re best bet is to look around the translation archive at We inherited the Donut’s database, so if Donut had it we should too.

That said, was it Angelique?

Magic Knight Rayearth has been translated, by the way. I’m positive I don’t know Japanese. Also, a few minutes grinding at the blue water/cloud castle can get you through the rest of the game. And scripted defeats in battles suck.

Hey, I checked on romhacking and couldn’t find such a game. Maybe it was my imagination or I saw it somewhere else.

It wasn’t Angelique, but Angelique does look really cool and I want to play it, it’s just that I couldn’t get past the 80’s bishounen style of the characters. It looked like sweet Harvest Moon meets ruling the world meets girly story though.

I think the school-girl game was Nage Libre.
I don’t know why I remember it, I only played it for like five minutes.

Dang I think that’s it!
“The attack changes depending on the kind of extracurricular activities selected when the stage begins.”