Best time?


I like noon till 2. Only if it’s sunny though

Where’s the after-I-get-home-from-work-to-when-I-go-to-work-the-next-day option?

I voted 4 to 6 though. I’m always out cold from 4 to 6 so there’s no stress or worries.

12-2. It’s one of the few times I’m guaranteed not to be working, and to be online, whether that be here or elsewhere.

Same here. Plus, it is quiet.

That too. Late at night is when nobody else is up, and I don’t need to worry about being asked to do 10 million things every 3 minutes.

Plus, outside, on the outskirts of my city where I live, the air is calm and cool, it’s quiet… just a nice time to sit outside. It’s relaxing.

8 to 10 is when all the good TV is on.

Not when you live by a port city. The air smells like saltwater and fish.

I like midnight to 2 AM. Let’s just say that’s the time of day I’m the most active or something.

On the other hand, I also enjoy noon to 2 PM because that’s generally when I wake up when on vacation. It’s always so comfortable to stay in bed in the “morning”. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m sorry, but the correct answer is, and always will be, Peanut Butter Jelly Time.

10 pm to midnight, it’s when I can blast my music (using headphones of course) without worry of getting nagged or called :stuck_out_tongue:

hey 984 what time is it?

Howdy doody time?

Oh wait, I’m not the 984. :stuck_out_tongue:

4pm-6pm… 420!

12-2 am is when everyone goes out where I live.Its very active I love it.Thats like the best time to go out and have fun.

Peanut butter Jelly time sucks. >:(

Anyway, 10-12. That’s when I NEVER have anything to do.

Peanut butter and fucking jelly.

Peanut Butter Jelly Time for the win.