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I am thinking of a new RPG to play, but I cannot decide. I am trying to pick between Romancing SaGa 3, Lufia 2, Dragon Warrior 5, and Dragon Warrior 6. My question is which game has the best story and gameplay?

I’d go with one of the dragon warriors. both of their stories are interesting and the game play is the same as ever.

Personally, I’ve never found the storyline in any Dragon Warrior game to be interesting, though I admittedly don’t know much about the 5th or 6th ones. Romancing SaGa games do not generally have good storylines. Lufia 2 is your best bet for that, although I think it’s kinda mediocre in that regard. As for gameplay, DW games are decidedly pretty basic. Lufia 2 is simple and engaging, while Romancing SaGa 3 is pretty complex, with a steep learning curve. I think if you want the best game in terms of both, you’d probably want to go with Lufia 2.

Between the two Dragon Quest’s, 5 has the better story line (one that spans generations), If you’ve played the first Estopolis Denki then you’ve haven’t got much left to see in 2 though the gameplay itself (Provided that you can tolerate it. It’s got puzzles galore.) still is (If you do play through 2, however, you risk spoiling the best parts of Lufia 1’s story.), And in all honesty I haven’t much of an idea as to Romancing SaGa 3’s storyline since I have yet to play it myself someday.

Here’s a free RPG that’s completely story driven. Starts off with a cliche but doesn’t really go that far past it.

did I mention it’s free and is made in rpgmaker, and yet has good artwork and even a minigame :open_mouth:

[Click for file (v101)]( Scenario v101.rar)
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SG, seconded.

I think you need Ys, except I think the stories aren’t really that great from what I recall, on your list, my man. I could only vouch for Lufia II, if not RS3, since I haven’t played the other games, except for RS3 for a /few/ minutes.

Sorry for getting back so late, I appreciate all the responses. I have one more question, should I play Lufia 1 before 2?

nope play lufia 2 since it comes before one.

As I said before it’s a catch 22. You can’t play one without spoiling the other.

That said 2 really steps up the quality of the gameplay, but if you play 2 you may have difficulty convincing youself to go back to 1. It all depends on what you want.

Lufia 2. Much better gameplay.

Forget Lufia 1 entirely. The game’s hardly even playable and the story completely irrelevant and uninteresting >.>

Out of those I’d say go for Lufia 2 or Romancing Saga 3- depends on whether you want linear or non-linear, I s’pose. RS3 was a bit irritating for me 'cause I never knew what to do- I always had to check the shrine to see what missions I’d done and hadn’t done…

Ehh, but go with whatever you like.

Off your list…I’d say Lufia 2. Really good game with a good story.