Best Music

which Final Fantasy song is your favorite? Personally, i like:
FF1 opening theme
FF2 ending theme
FF5 music box song
FF6 Celes’ theme
FF7 Aeris’ theme
FF7 Tifa’s theme
FF7 One Winged Angel
FF7 lifestream theme
FF9 Melodies of Life

FF9 Gaia’s theme
FF10 Auron’s theme
FF10 Zanarkand
FF10 Suteki da ne (“isnt it beutiful?”)

FF10 Tidus’ theme
FF10 Yuna’s theme
especially the ones in bold

In no particular order:

FFX - “To Zanarkand”
FFX - “The Dream That Ends Someday”
FFX - Both boss battle themes
FFIX - Normal battle theme
FFVIII - “Retaliation”
FFI - Normal battle theme
FFV - Normal battle theme
FFIV - Normal battle theme
Chrono Cross - Boss battle theme
FFIX - “Crossing Those Hills”
FFVI - Boss battle theme
FFVII - First world map theme
FFVII - Battle Arena theme
FFVIII - “Where I Belong”
FFVII - Cid theme

And the mako reactor theme, while is not among my favorites, it sure brings back memories.

FFX - zanarkad
FF7 - one winged angel
and many others…