Heh, I suppose that’s one way of handling wrist pain. :hahaha; But with that kind of decoration, who would grab the mouse in the first place? :cool:

eeeh, I think I’ll keep my Jose Posada ‘Calavera de Don Quijote’ mousepad. >.>

Whoa. GG, how did you manage to stumble upon those? :ulty:

I plead the fifth. =P

Er… Right. Life is fun. o_O

I’d love to say I’m surprised… surprised no one came up with this sooner :sunglasses:

I’ll keep to my mousepad of ‘Nothingness!’.
I’ve posted that one in the chat a couple of times. Found it while browsing images from CeBit.

Ah GG, this is just your style. :noway:

Intresting idea…I wonder how much they go for.

Any I don’t use a mousepad (school computer has optical mouse, and laptop has touchpad).

I want one of those now!!! :hyperven: :hyperven: :hyperven:

I know, I know I need to get out more… :fungah:

Never thought feeling the texture of a mouse pad could make you look so perverted till now.



Just wow.

I want one of these!

Yeah, they look sexy, comfortable and won’t ruin your wrist. I would buy one if i had money.

Wow, that looks… supportive.

I’ll stick to my trackball.

Where the Hell did you find that, really?

I need a new one anyway, mines falling apart, its like 4 years old.

… Do I need to say it?

I never knew you could get boned off of a mouse before!

No, because people aren’t fucking morons that can’t pick up on a little innuendo.

Sometimes I wonder how people work up the nerve to buy things like that >.>;;

I mean, what if it fell out of the bag, on the way home, infront of a parraide of children coming back from daycare between the ages of 3-8?

Also, I am good with my plain, conservitive, IBM mousepad :stuck_out_tongue: