Best Mod Ever

for UT2K4

Seriously, 24 hours of non-stop playing with 3 of my friends, we all agree that this is the best mod ever.

Alien Swarm

For those of you who ever played the game Alien Breed, this is it. Possibly one of my most played games on my Amiga 500 from my childhood. Woo!!!

Time to frag some alien scum!

Game over man, its GAME OVER!

I have no experiance with mods like this. Could someone tell me how exactly they work? If I use it, can I still play UT?

Yes you could still play UT. AFAIK(i dont have ut2k4 but im guessing its the same as older ones) you select the mod once you install it and boot up UT.


BTW, nice sig. :hahaha;

Yeah, things you find.

This looks very cool, I’ll play a bit of this when I find some time.