Best Game Ads Ever

Kudos to ori for showing me this. I love it.

Curse you Cro!! I was going to post that. :suckah:

lol. I like the one with Mr. T better than the William Shatner one.


Bet you still can’t play as a Night Elf Mohawk though.

Shut up, foo!

Fantastic. :smiley:

XD … Even celebrities play games. Imagine how much less drama there would be in gossip magazines if celebs just sat in home playing games? :smiley:

Although, if Mr. T’s a Night Elf Mohawk, then I definitely do not want to see who plays a Mithra Blue Mage…

I don’t know. I like the Shatner one equally well.
I knew the Cap was a horde man.

When first meeting Brad Pitt you can’t help being taken aback by his calmness. It’s not only his physical regimen -free weights alternating with body weight exercises- and his recent fatherhood but also the swift progress of his “18th level ranger, Angelino”, lovingly named after his wife. In spite of appearances life isn’t care-free for Brad though -he confessed to finding the experience to level up over lv15 “ridiculous”. “There is a real dent in the ecosystem when you have to kill 600 jaguars to get a level. The ranger is supposedly a man attuned with nature but that isn’t adequately reflected in the game.” Brad Pitt organises “raids” with his celebrity guild in mechanical constructs’ lairs. “Golems are unnatural.” he says as he casts Nature’s Wrath.

glossy pic with wife & kids

There’ve been rumours of tension between the couple as Brad wants Angelina to branch out her healer with offensive abilities…

Is that what you want to read, Maba?

Robin Williams is an insanely nerdy celebrity.
You never see gossip about him.
Maba is actually on to something.

Actually, Vin Diesel is also very public about playing D&D, and you don’t see much about him either.
All though, in both of our examples, that could be that people just really don’t care about these individuals.

The best game ad ever was an ad for Earthbound that appeared in game magazines in the early 90s. It involved scratch and sniff fragrances that were supposed to smell bad, and did overall. To this day, when I randomly catch a similar smell floating on the breeze in the city, I remember that ad and Earthbound. I had a Genesis only, so I never played Earthbound, that ad and its smells are my only personal connection to it.

I remember that ad! It was awesome. I used to smell it over and over again. I can still smell that pizza smell.
Without a doubt the finest video game commercial of the past few years.

I’d say this is a pretty awesome dance number

I see your LttP Ad and raise you this Ad.

The Mr T ad is definetly the best gaming ad I’ve ever seen.

Nice ads. And Mr. T is my idol.