Best FF Character

I think you’re missing the point of this thread. :get it?:


Okay, getting back on track, which segues nicely into my next point… if we’re going only by what the best character regardless of whether they’re the main character or not? Sabin wins. He’s a monk, he’s a good man, a little muscle-headed at times but still a great guy. Oh, and as a wise man once said,


And it wasn’t even a regular train, it was the fucking train of the dead! Man just put the wrestling moves on a metaphor and won. Beat THAT, Cloud.

Basically what VE said. The original question of this thread is loaded. And considering that there’s at least one stickied thread that also asks which FF character would you proclaim your undying love for not to mention the dozen or so others that exist somewhere in this forum’s checkered history, this thread kinda loses its point.

The tl;dr of this is to not to take this discussion seriously.

Besides we all know that Uncle Ulty is the best character. :ulty:

Was he a monk? I remember him being a hermit, but the monk part never registered.

You forgot to mention his special is called Bum Rush.

His master did in fact train him in a mountain, and learning bum rush involved leaping about in a battle almost straight out of a shonen. Yeah he’s pretty monkey.

Also his training partner fights with two grizzly bears at his side.

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The best part of that was that he did that while outrunning said train. That whole fight was goddamn crazy.

(Though to be fair, even a tuff of plumage could wipe out THAT train.)