Best ever FPS hero

Or, you know, we’ve played them and still say Duke’s better <_<

That can’t be possible… Wait… maybe Duke… but certainly not Samus.

I had to go with Samus Aran because I think she’s the hottest FPS ever. :dancer:

Oh yeah, nothing turns me on like a space suit.

Yeah, but she’s always in a skimpy swimsuit by the end of the game.

Uh, strange.

The marine is still the best.

Gordon Freeman.
There’s an endless line of ripped guys with big guns in games, but not Freeman…no, he’s a skinny geek with a PhD in Theoretical Physics who wears cokebottle glasses. And yet he kicks more ass than the guys with the big guns, but with only a crowbar.
Now, one might say that there’s a Freudian connotation here, but in my humble opinion, a brainy guy who kicks ass is just plain hot.

But in the game universe, the player doesn’t exist, only the character. So whether or not the player knows anything about fighting evil doesn’t matter.