Best ever FPS hero

Gordon Freedman. There is NO contest here.

On a side note, I named the four that I thought up off the top of my head so don’t be offended if I didn’t post your favorite FPS hero up. :stuck_out_tongue:

Having never played Half-Life, I’ll go with Samus.

Um, Gordon.
Why is this even a poll? Samus is the hero of a 2D platformer… That turned into a pseudo-FPS game… with awful controlls.

Samus, we love you, but go back to what you were made for.

Oh, and Gordon, unlike these other honkeys, can save the world with a friggin Crowbar. Everyone else has spiffy futuristic guns and hi-tech machinery that they use. Gordon laughs at you all.

Joanna Dark.

The Marine from the first Doom. I beat the game using just a chainsaw. Course, I had to cheat slightly to pull it off.( It wasn’t godmoding)

Strange, I’m inclined to think that both Metroid Primes were actually very good. With excellent controls. Not to mention that I fail to see how it’s a “pseudo-FPS”. You take the perspective of the main character (thus First-Person), and shoot shit (thus Shooter). Thus it’s a First-Person Shooter.

Although Dalton is right. Why the fuck isn’t Johanna Dark mentioned?

EXCUSE me for not remembering every FPS hero to date, Spazzy. :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: Oh and Iz, that’s not quite true about the crowbar because if you beat HL2 then you know Gordon has to use the Gravity Gun to stop Dr. Breen from entering the Combine portal

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But of course it’s DUKE NUKEM, BITCHES.

The nameless Doom marine. I mean, any other characters here gonna be played by THE ROCK in a movie? What’s that? No? Well then, take your other FPS heroes, turn them sideways, and STICK THEM UP YOUR CANDY ASS!

Yes, but on the larger scale of things… What would Mr. Freeman be without his trusty crowbar? Badass, yes, but he’d be more like all those other run-of-the-mill FPS characters.

We need a rule so that when people make polls of this ilk, they actually list a good number of reasonable choices.

No Joanna Dark?
No James Bond?
No Turok?
No Duke Nukem?

Anyway, I’m gonna vote for Noah from Super Noah’s Ark 3D, due to the pure novelty of that game.

Am I the only one who hates Turok?

Anyway, my vote goes to the brit agent. Goldeneye is the only FPS I’m actually good at.

The hand from Wolfenstein.

I do remember the hand had a name though, now what was it?

The first two Turok games were good. After that, they were all absolutely TERRIBLE.

Samus own all, FPS or not.
Word to your momma, yo :3

I voted Samus, but Joanna Dark absolutely rocks as well.

I hadn’t even thought of Duke Nukem, and he is most definitly the best. Of the available choices, Gordon Freeman. I mean, seriously, just because the games are good doesn’t mean Samus is a great FPS Hero. Gordon is a SCIENTIST, Samus is a Mercenary or something. She’s trained to do that kinda shit, Gordon doesn’t have a clue.

Gordon doesn’t, but the player behind does.

Duke Nukem baby…

Its fine, most people who don’t vote for Gordon havent played his games… Thus wouldnt understand his glory.