Best error message ever

All the way at the bottom.

Oh that darn Nidhoegger again.

Haha, I saw “Ydrassil” and immediately thought of StarCraft.

It’s spelt “Yggdrasil,” the world tree. Also, Starcraft sucks. <_<;

I hate Blizzard.

Hah. Interesting.

You should see the errors that get thrown at me in Net Express. It’ll pop up an error message to say “Error not found.”. Not to mention you usually have to look up what the hell it is.

And that last message was worth a laugh.

I got this one the other day when trying to visit using Firefox…j/k

I actually just slapped this together in paint.

The “Connection Reset by Satan” phrase was taken from a song of the same title by an unsigned band called FDISK, who sounds a lot like GWAR, but their lyrical content is more focused on technology and why they hate emo kids.

In all honesty I’m more interested in what appears to be a serious discussion about the Porn you wish you never saw from the tabs you have up at the top of the screen in that pic.

Which begs the question “What kind of Porn do you wish to never see?”.

really brutal and sadistic porn.

I took a regular 404 message and edited the tabs.(and error messages and url:)

I just added in the e-fukt headline for added humor.

I was obviously at the agora(was also the only unedited tab). oddly enough it 404’ed at the homepage

As for porn I never wish to see: Gay Porn(unless of course they’re lesbians…Naked Lesbian Twins FTW)

Best error message I’ve ever gotten was in DOS:

“Unable to find error message: Invalid command or filename”

…Yeah, I fucked up pretty bad that time. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not sure of the exact wording since we had a swedish version of DOS, so it said “Kan inte hitta felmeddelande: Felaktigt kommando eller filnamn”, but the meaning of the error message is still the same:
“Damn! You’ve fucked up so bad that we don’t even have an error message for it.”

(As for the don’t-want-to-see-it porn.
Well… I’ve been going to bad places on the internet so much, just because I was bored, that I pretty much don’t care anymore. >_>
After someone at GodAwful linked “Narumi’s Most Unusual Story”… Yeah, I pretty much stopped caring, because nothing has ever gotten close to that one. Except that one thing at 4Chan. It gets second place for worst porn ever.)

Reminds me of a screenshot with an error message saying the BSOD had crashed and the caption: “YOU FAIL - AT FAILING”.

I haven’t done this shit in YEARS, but it was a lot of fun to pull on the school computers.

How do you do that error message, SE?

This particular one is stupidly easy.

-Open notepad and write: lol=msgbox(“message”,16,“title”) and replace message and title with whatever you want. DO keep the quotation marks.
-Go to “Save As…”, set the type to All Files and put .vbs after the name.
-Click on it, and presto.

The number 16 determines the tipe of box that appears. The one in my screenshot with both Accept and Cancel buttons is 17, for example. There were a couple more tricks like making it pop up on startup, but I don’t even remember how that went anymore. I’m sure you could look it up though.