Best English character voice?

If it’s just games, Misadventures of Tron Bonne. Tron, the servbots, and of course Tiesel sound wonderful.

I pay much more attention to anime voice dubs though.

Anyone from Soul Reaver 2. Fucking awesome.

dude: Prepare to be disappointed in episode II. KOS-MOS has an entirely different voice… pretty awful. 8-\

Best English character voice? Naturally Pierson’s :smiley:


David Hayter (Solid Snake)
Revolver Ocelot (MGS1&2 version - Not the younger one from MGS3)
Fey Valintine (I hate her Japanese counterpart… alot.)

Hayashibara Megumi? Why? She’s awesome!

Also, I present to you, the other thread.

Shes whiney, like most japanese females. And honestly I liked the tougher-seductive ENGLISH fey better.

Well, I won’t argue with you about Faye, because I haven’t seen Cowboy Bebop in years, but Hayashibara Megumi is one of, if not the best voice actors out there. Nobody else can put such life, such vibrance, into anime characters as she can. Just look at Lina Inverse, or Lime, or even Nuku-Nuku.

To be honest, I think Megumi was the wrong choice for Faye. She does a better job with lively, genki characters like those I mentioned. For Faye, I’d suggest maybe Urara Takano, who I can only tell you is the seiyuu (voice actor) for Tiger, from Saber Marionette J. Here’s a voice clip to back up my claim. (Note that this is her acting ultra-seductive, she can also sound quite tough and strong)

Best Voice Acting

I think this will be limited to games, as I don’t watch a lot of anime.

For all the hating on Tidus, I think his is one of the best voice acting jobs. It fits well with the character.
VP for the most part had good voice acting as well.

Damn, her voice was so bad-ass.

Oh he did a very good job. I just hated it. =P

I liked the voices in Tales of Symphonia. FFX’s were good, too.