Best English character voice?

It is widely known that in gaming industry, for every ten voices that are dubbed to English, two are going to be borderline okay and seven are going to sound like a bug fucking your eardrums. However, from time to time we get to see that last lucky bastard that manages to get a great VA, and the peasants rejoice. So, who are your favorites?

1 - Raziel (Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver). He makes me hot. Really.

2 – Tiesel Bonne (Megaman Legends I & II). All the VAs in the Legends games are average, but this guy has some moments. He actually made me laugh a few times.

3 – Freya (Valkyrie Profile). I didn’t like her very much, but I gotta admit the VA is really great.

4 – Jun (Valkyrie Profile). The first time I ever saw someone pulling off a Japanese accent reasonably well.

GTA:SA. Best voice acting ever. >.>

Crispin Freeman for Albedo/Guinan in Xenosaga. He’s an amazing talent (if you’ve watched any dubbed anime, you’ve probably got a good chance of hearing him).

Theyall sound as if they really are black and from the ghetto.

Richter Belmont from Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. Easily.

Call me fanboyish but I have to say the English voices for FFX were some of the best I’ve ever heard, especially Auron’s. But don’t count Tidus. He was too whiny.

Gene Starwind from Outlaw Star. God, that’s the ONLY anime I can stand to watch in English, and Gene’s voice was the best of the lot.

Crispin Freeman’s okay, but Midorikawa Hikaru is waaaaaay cooler. And the rest of the Japanese voices are better, too.

Nihongo wa ichiban desu.

Auron’s voice is hawt. :kissy:

That “[insert character here] NEEDS FOOD BADLY!” guy from Gauntlet.

EDIT!!!111: On second thought, maybe Sinistar would be a better choice.

David Hayter (Snake from MGS) and who ever voices Spike.

I liked the second voice of Sailor Moon, just because she can do really whiny, to really annoying, to really heart breaken, to really normal, all in one show. She has depth in her voice, obviously.

From a game…I’ve always liked Lenneth from Valkyrie Profile, because she played her part very well. The icy, unfeeling demi death goddess, but then she gained this sort of warmth, or curiousity in her voice when the game progressed.

And i’ve always had a soft spot for Celine from So2 whenever she cried THUUUUUNDARBUUUUULT!!!

SO3. Despite the fact that most of the characters were stock stereotypes, they were extremely well portrayed stock stereotypes.


so you are a female…

If you think auron’s voice is “hawt” then I’d better hurry up and get strep throught. :hyperven: :hyperven: :hyperven: yeah he is hypervenalating
(the little icon guys I mean)

Agreed, Auron had an awesome voice. No Japanese actor could ever do something that subdued, aloof, and kick-ass at the same time. David Hayter is also great, but I think Otacon overshadowed him in MGS2, actually.
The voices from VP were okay, but the script was awful. -_-

Oh? I beg to differ.

I don’t claim that this is the best example, but you can’t tell me Zelgadis doesn’t sound cool when Midorikawa Hikaru does his voice. (Please forgive the crappy quality of the clip, I’m not very good at making them) I think Midorikawa-san could handle Auron’s voice quite well. (If he didn’t already).

That sounds nothing at all like the kind of person Auron should sound like, IMO. For one thing, it’s much too young. For another, it’s too energetic. Auron’s very laissez-faire, which is part of what’s so cool about him. :sunglasses:

Gotta be Snake, in all his incarnations. David Hayter is a bloody VO legend. :smiley:


The guy who voiced Kazan in Legaia: Duel Saga!

No, just kidding. I agree with Cid about Crispin Freeman. And some of the voice actors in the GTA games did very convincing jobs.

I liked Celine’s too, but my favorite is KOS-MOS’s voice. It is just so cool and non-caring. I just got to the part where she kills Virgil to save Shion and then almost leaves her and Allen floating in space and Shion gets all pissed off at her.