Best. E-mail. Ever.

<a href=“”>Nuff said.</a>

Nice. i want that email.

I want it.

So you got an email from a dildo? That’s disturbing, not cool.


I got the same e-mail last night not too long after you mentioned it in the chat.

Dead dildo walking. (Had to say it)

Dildos can type?

Steve, why haven’t you replyed to my E-mail yet?

vewy good, grasshoppah…


gives bing a coupon redeemable for one helping of “props”

Too bad they weren’t offering it to you specifically Steve. Too bad.

Well, I’d snidely comment about whether Steve even has a girl, but there’d have to be a cross-examination involving, well, 80% of the people here. Including the female population. :smiley:

Err… yeah great. A dildo for your girl.

…easily amused steve?

Weiila doesn’t like dildoes…

You sure starstorm? :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m dead sure. That can always be changed, but she doesn’t like dildoes.

And you’d rather be dead sure than merely dead?