Best C Compiler?

Anyone know of a good (and free) C compiler and editor - like a text editor, but with a built in compiler? I’ve been searching, but I’ve only been able to find command line compilers. Thanks in advance.

You can use EditPlus ( to have your command-line compiler as a user tool. Just hit Ctrl-1 and your code compiles. EditPlus has all the standard stuff like syntax highlighting and auto-completion, and can even jump to functions (but doesn’t have any of the fancy stuff like debuggers etc.).

Thanks Cid, that looks great.

I’d recommend giving Visual C++ Express 2005. It’s free. I was kind of against using it, but once I gave it a try and got to use its debugger, I’m never going back to anything else. :slight_smile:

Thanks guys, I’m going to use the bloodshed one, it looks cool.