Best Buy

If you’re running XP you should definitly upgrade to a gig of ram. XP eats up resources.

Next, RAM doesn’t really effect graphics cards, but what exactly is wrong? Does it not fit, because then you’re putting it in the wrong slot. Do you have the most recent drivers for the new card?

My laptop has 512 and a solid video card and has no problems.

512mb is good enough for me

Now I made sure the card was in right. It started up with the card in wrong. Then I seated it so it clicked, and it wouldn’t start up

Now I’m sending it back. I don’t know why this had to happen to me. The person that reccomended the card to me never told me i’d have problems, and emachines said it was compatible

I heard either the card has problems, or my motherboard has problems. Maybe my motherboard has problems. So I’m never gonna get a graphics card again

Delete them or save it one a file. People at Best buy are dumb.

MY friend worked there and they add and do things to your computer with out asking such as reconfiguring it for you or ‘fixing’ things that wern’t broken and so I recommend it as most likely they will either delete them on accident or report you.

If you have an emachine, I wouldn’t bother upgrading it. Emachines use inexpensive and low end hardware to remain affordable. They aren’t really made to be upgraded as they are designed for people who don’t need it for anthing besides basic wordprocessing. You’re probably better off just buying a new computer if you want to upgrade.

I guess that means no pc games for me

It would probably cost more to upgrade too. Considering a new Dell is 300 bucks or less, why bother?

But all computers come with bad graphics cards, except for high end gaming rigs

I put a Visiontek XTasy 9100XT on my old computer because the salesman said it was good, and it eventually caused some problems

I don’t think I’ll ever buy a graphics card again

I shoved a Radeon 9600 All In Wonder into my shuttle with 512 MB of RAM, and I never had any issues running games on their highest settings. Note that that was back in like, November, and I never did try Doom 3 for fear that it would make me a liar :stuck_out_tongue:

At least for the sake of some terrible accident befalling the HD, you should back your stuff up.

PS. Best Buy is the worst place on earth to buy a PC. >.>

I bought mine from circuit city like 4-5 years ago. They talked my dad into so much extra crap that I never used. (a scanner that couldn’t even be used with Windows XP)

Do you think I should get rid of my mp3’s anyways? Just in case a cop comes in my house one day and searches my computer. It can happen

How exactly do I back up my pc? do I just burn everything to cd?

WHAT THE FUCK?! Dude man, this isn’t 1984. Or is it??? I seriously doubt anything like that happening. Whoaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

Copyright infringement is federal, a local cop can’t do anything to you if he catches you with illegal mp3s except report you, which I doubt he’ll do because if anything, cops hate paperwork.

A cop can’t just come up and search your house. A cop would need a warrant (which would be pretty difficult to get anyway) and it would be a lot of work to check and verify that the mp3s on your computer are illegal. Also, all of the RIAA cases have been civil suits, not criminal.

Also Sorc, a cop could do more than just report. Such as robbing a bank is a federal issue, but local cops still detain the suspect.

Well, I’ll make sure not to share those mp3s. It’s video game stuff, but still

As a fellow Canadian I would be even more careful. Pirated music for example is DEFINATLY beening searched at chain stores in Canada (circut city, future shop) and for the love of god if you send a computer to Dell…DELETE everything…trust me, a friend had to go to court…not pretty