Best Buy

I got to take my computer to best buy to fix my new graphics card. Or at least confirm if the thing works

Why would you do that?

Yes. The RIAA inspects each hard drive that goes through. Its on the release form. I’d suggest deleting your roms/emulators too, or anything else you have pirated. Thats how these poor people get taken to court.

Good luck man.

In case they work for the RIAA

Yeah, follow Dev’s advice, you’d be amazed what you could get prosecuted for.

The guy didn’t look through my stuff last time.

If he didn’t look at your stuff then don’t do it.

Delete everything.

Back it up and delete it.

I’m thinking I’ll just delete my mp3s, take it there, and make sure he doesn’t get into my stuff. Cause I got roms, anime, and internet history

I don’t think you really understand the seriousness of the situation. I’m trying to help you out here, even though i don’t like you. Please PLEASE PLEASSSEEE take my advice. I honestly don’t want a fellow-RPGCer to become another court case.

They do too look at your stuff. When you take in your PC, the first thing they do is boot it, and scan your hard drive. They use an application similar to “search”, except they look for common file formats like .smc .gbc .n64 whatever.

When they see mp3s or video, they check to see if it has DRM locks on it, meaning, if it was legally obtained or not.

You NEED to get rid of all this stuff before you go. Its up to you to decide what means of removal you’ll use, but you need to get rid of it.

EDIT: Keep him out? Theres no way to protect your system, seeing as you have to give him access…

Dev’s right, you gotta be real careful about that. They’ll find any of those files, so it’s best to just get rid of them.

In that case, I’ll just send the graphix card back to newegg. I’m not getting a response from Chaintech’s tech support

I can also ask or for help as a last resort, but I don’t think they’ll do anything for me

Better yet, i should just take the graphics card somehwere and have them try it on THEIR computer

Just buy the graphics card and install it yourself. It’s not rocket science.

The problem obviously is that you need more RAM. Fill your motherboard to capacity with the fastest shit you can find.

I’d say delete it and back it up or put in the card yourself.

When I worked at Geek Squad (Best Buy’s tech bench, where they do that stuff), we just laughed at people’s porn and piracy. The only things we were supposed to worry about were pirated copies of Windows. If that came up, we were supposed to contact the customer and let them know that we could get them an official copy of Windows XP. That’s the only piracy thing we gave a damn about.

I can’t guarantee that for your local precinct.

I think that’s kind of sneaky, searching the harddrive for pirated things when they’re supposed to install a graphics card for you. I wouldn’t delete it if it was me, but I guess since you live in the US then you might have to worry about it.

Way to ruin it, sat. :frowning:

I have 512 megs of ram

I have to know if there’s something wrong with the card. If there is, I can just get a refund or get a replacement. If there’s something wrong with my motherboard, then I’m taking back the card, and not messing around with grahpics cards ever again

So I’m gonna take the card to best buy and see if it works on their computer