Beserk action RPG?

I was looking around the internet and found this,man it looks cool,but very good possibility it would never come this way,but i can hope

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This has Onimusha written allllll over it.

Actually, if you could read Japanese, you would see that it in fact has “berserk” written all over it.

Aaaaaanyway, It looks good, but I’m anxious about how the controls will work (these are the people that brought us Guilty Gear, remember?), and what variety of moves Gatsu will have. I mean, his sword doesn’t lend itself to much more than swing horizontally/swing vertically, but he still manages to look cool each time he does it. I would imagine if Gatsu were as well animated as Rau from <i>The Mark of Kri</i> then this could be a very interesting game.

There is already a Berserk game out over here, it’s for the Dreamcast and it’s called umm… Berserk:Gut’s Rage or some crap like that.

anyway, that looks pretty nice.

Sword of the Berserk. And it was actually pretty damn good, for a hack-n-slasher.

You mean that ARC SYSTEMS CO. are making the Berserk RPG?

Nah, Iggy, I was talking about Sammy.

Where they’re involved, I don’t expect precision tuning of the controls.

I was told by a friend that Berserk was a shitty series and not to waist time I could better spend sticking forks into light sockets and whatnot… Is it really that bad?

I was wishing that every character would get crushed by rocks through the first couple of episodes, but after them the series really picks up.

The manga is awesome. Dunno about the series though. A game would be cool, especially if they used the plot of the manga (unlikely). Being able to play during the 100 Years War would be AWESOME. :smiley: