I felt like doing a short story on a song, well extending the song kinda… Here it is, including the acutal lyrics to the song…

The young girl aged of no less than nine years sat in the corner of her room holding her kness tightly to her chest. In her room, a bed in the right corner and a small desk. No toys, or anything interesting are in her room. The only light in her room was the clock radio on the desk. The numbers 1:15 illuminated in red from the clock only lighting a small bit of her room. The only sounds in this place was the sound of the girl crying and the loud sadistic crys of her father as he slammed his pain-slaved fist onto her bedroom door. The girls father breaking the door open had walked over too her and slammed his fist against her young, delicate, and bruised face screaming obscenities at her… no reason, just anger… Tears still wet upon her face, she fell asleep with her cat…

With every waking hour, life is hell for the girl... never free...

The girl had awoken with pain stuck upon her body, she looked over at the clock, the digital, blood red numbers read 9:55. This was the only time she had to get away from the hell she faced when her parents came home from work... She had walked out into her bathroom, and looked at her reflection, another bruise upon her body... The constant feeling of pain churned in her stomach, ever crying she was... although not physically. She walked out into her kitchen making toast and spreading raspberry jam upon it for breakfast...

She had walked into her parents room searching for her cat that day, and inside a drawer she found something... daddys toy made her grin...

She fell asleep that night hiding the object in under a loose floorboard in her room under the desk, she had set in her bed and watched the clock next to her change minute by minute... tonight she would release all the anger inside from the pain she received, she would give it back to mommy and daddy...

Silently going into her parents room she saw them asleep, killing them both she spread there blood on bread...

Actual Lyrics in english:
daddy mommy sad my favourite icecream is strawBerry
daddy mommy mad the name of the kitten I love is strawBerry

daddy mommy sad strawBerry flows from me
daddy mommy mad strawBerry flows from daddy
daddy mommy bad strawBerry flows from mommy
daddy mommy abuse a bruise on my body, adding another injury

I was born 9 years ago and every night, in bed
together with the cat I go to sleep
in the morning, without fail I put plenty of jam on my favourite bread
nothing changes, but

raspBerry jam

deep red icecream I’ll let it all out

I quietly peeked into daddy’s drawer there was something inside
carefully I got it out to see
when daddy and mommy settle down to sleep softly I’ll creep up
shall I shoot straight through you?

I’m hungry I’ll put jam on my favourite bread and eat it
pistol right at the forehead

raspBerry jam

Song: Berry
by: Dir en Grey
lyrics: Kyo
music: Kaoru