Benefit of living in Texas

Try growing up here… especially during the time that the Cowboys kept winning the super bowl… For someone who’s not a sports, fan, that was hell… -_-

I plan on moving to Texas, when I get older. Though I will take just about any other state, I live in Oklahoma. The most boring state… well except for maybe Montana. (no offense to all y’all[< proof i live in Oklahoma] Montanians)

I will be working in Austin, Texas from May to December. It has me scared. I lived in San Antonio for two years and liked it, but I am NOT looking forward to the heat. Do you know of any place in Austin I should be checking out?

Austin is over 200 miles away from me. It’s like asking someone who lives in Massachusets if they know any good places in New Jersey. :smiley:

Funny story: My sister was talking to a guy in Massachusets, and he asked about Dunkin Dounuts in our town. Of course, there is a road that goes straight to Massachusets from where we live, but do you want to go to Mass. at 35-55 Mph?

Why are Mr. Saturn’s posts starting to read like Wikipedia articles, replete with links around random nouns? :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m a walking, talking <A HREF=“”>reference</A>, Merl. :smiley:

Besides, I used to always do that, I just didn’t have Wikipedia then, so I didn’t have something to link every single word to. :smiley: