Being Deployed

Saluting is now a question of whether I like the officer or not. If I do, I dont salute, If I dont like them it’s salute"Sniper Check Sir"

Looks like the Army has changed its policy on saluting. Back when the war first started, I heard the Army was still forced to salute out in the field. Marines never salute in the field and you’ll get your ass chewed if you do…actually, we are probably the least liberal when saluting since there are few instances when we do salute and many more when we don’t. Also, are you sure that you should be sharing all that information about where you’re going? It makes it all that much easier on the insurgents. I still say that you are lucky with the kevlar and flak though. My unit has to wear them anytime we’re not inside a building (largely because of my platoon commander). That fucking sucks though, I hate the flak, it’s so hot (especially out there) and the kevlar is just uncomfortable period. That is one thing that I’ll hate about being deployed, wearing that stuff almost all day.

Actually, since we’re already here, it doesnt matter, but before we left the US we werent supposed to say shit. Also, somebody got hit with shrapnel so we all have to wear IBA and Kevlars anytime outside a building.

Eventually I’ll send pictures of stuff, but for now, you guys stay um, safe and shit.

AHH! DEADTEAR! DON’T DIE! I’d miss you! :frowning: :(:frowning: :frowning: