Being Deployed

To answer questions I remember were asked last time I posted.

My orders say 545 days, but it could be shortened or extended. I’m guessing roughly a year total, that way I’m redeployable sooner.

Yes Kuwait still sucks, but I’ll be in Camp Anaconda before Christmas, and everything I’ve heard about it is to the good, with the exception of mortars quite often.

I dont know when I can get online again, so if there are any questions about Iraq, or soldiering in general, feel free to ask them and I’ll necro this thread to answer.

How’s the weight coming along?

Go get shot, jarhead.

He’s Army, Pier. Jarhead is Marines. Deadtear ain’t ready for the Marines yet. :frowning:

Have fun, and don’t run into me.

All I can say is be careful out there.

Aren’t you worried about being killed by a bomb-man/car?

Do come back.

Good luck, you’ll need it. Will you be inside baghdad?

Take them out rambo style, and try not to get hit by any RPGs

Good…you just gotta keep rubbing it in. “I’m in Kuwait getting some. I’m in Iraq getting some.” You lucky bastard! Anyway, damn, you’ve gotta a long call up. Mine was only for a year and my unit got back before it so we weren’t on for a full year (I was one fo the longer guys and only for 10 months). Have fun.

Are you a GI?

Good luck. Keep it cool! Keep safe.

First off, TD blow me. Pierson, blow me.

984 it’s not a matter of not being ready for the marines, it’s cause I’m too smart for them.

No I’m not really worried about being hit by a suicide attack, more worried about mortars.

Camp Anaconda is right outside Baghdad, and I’ll be there sometime in the next 24ish hours. Even we dont know when our flight leaves/lands, but I do know the landing is called the Anaconda Corkscrew and I’ve heard that over 60% vomit during it.

RPGs are more dangerous to convoys than anything else. Like I said, mortars r teh suk.

I’m not rubbing it in, I really dont wanna be here. But I volunteered like a dumbass and here I am.

I’m a United States Army Soldier, call it what you will.

I call dumbassitry.

Hey, that oughta help with your weight problem. :smiley: And if you do it enough, it should get rid of your gag reflex, helping you with promotions. :smiley:

good luck with all of that, deadtear.

Make sure you tell your commanding officers to post here when you die so I’ll know when to send your parents a card telling them that their dead son is an idiot and they should be proud he’s chosen to remove himself from the gene pool. =)


I call asshaterry.

Fuck me running, I just deleted my entire message.

LSA Anaconda/ Balad Air Force Base is where I’m stationed for the next year. In case you didnt know, it’s pretty close to Baghdad, and the stuff you hear about daily mortar attacks is really close to the truth. The code red siren(meaning something has happened and you must don your helmet and body armor) has only not sounded 2 days since I got here.

The facilities around where I currently am are top notch, which is to be expected since it’s all Air Force stuff. Once I move to my home for the next year I’ll be using all Army stuff, so it’s gonna be bleh.

The buildings I’m moving to are in pretty shitty shape but at least my batallion realizes this, and gives us slumdwellers first crack at all the building materials we can get ahold of.

All in all, it’s not too bad around here, but I’d still rather be home.


He’s not a jarhead, he’s a Grunt!