Behold the power of cheese!

Some people these days

And the effects it does to people :hahaha;

I dunno why I find this funny though.

what losers. Thats stupid…but i agree…It’s funny. I LAUGH AT U STUPID PEOPLE, AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!

“The pain was worth it,” Anderson said. “This cheese is going straight in a cupboard when I get home. It’s definitely not for eating.”

Guess not, it’s made for arranging nicely in a bowl and watchi it rot!

They’re Britons. They’re supposed to do things like this, it’s tradition, and you’ve just committed a cardinal sin by mocking it.

View the power of chees-Me stabs in.
Cheese the REAL devil. >:E

I know it was tradition, but I didn’t mean to mock the event itself.

It’s still a cardinal sin, so you’re still going to hell, but since they’re Britons they’ll probably let it slide if you say you’re sorry and buy a round at the pub and promise you’ll partake next year. Go on, not only will it save you the bad breath of Satan but if you’re lucky and a good runner it might just set you with a slice of moldey old cheese.

Actually Nulani, Iwas laughing at the “broken bones” part, just to clarify on what I was really laughing at.

And I already did say I was sorry, it was not my intention to hurt the British people or their traditions, I just find the event strange (being I’m not from the UK).

so, no hard feelings all right :cool: ?

I hope you weren’t serious when you said “buy a round at the pub”, because I never drink alcohol…ever.

I was expecting a HUGE wheel of cheese. At least half a foot taller than the tallest Briton.

Nope it is just a small little thing.

Even though I am British this certain tradition has always escaped me as to why it is so much fun. Well at least now I can see why some people were trying to ban it.

If you think that’s crazy, our town holds a lottery every year and the winner gets stoned to death. And not the fun kind of “stoned” either.

Shirley Jackson rocks.