BEHIND THE SAGA: Another look back...


I decided to write some stuff on my plans, opinions and other crap for the first three sagas. It wasn’t really important, but it was a good way to kill some time. Therefore, as I have time to kill, I decided to do another one.

The Naar Saga Conclusion

The Naar Saga was supposed to end MUCH quicker than it actually did. Instead, I attempted to stretch the writing for all its worth, which wasn’t that hard since chapters were MUCH shorter back then. By the time the raid on Naar’s castle had begun, I knew that much of what I had hoped to accomplish would not come to fruition before the saga ended; hence, I pulled a Douglas Adams and greatly extended the trilogy. Unlike Adams, however, I don’t plan on killing all my characters out of a depressed rage.

The hardest part to cut was F. Galloway’s subplot. There were vague hints about her past peppered through the Naar and Origins sagas, but I never actually examined her character. It might have been because I felt her original story was a bit too extreme for my writing style, but here it is. You be the judge:

“F. Galloway was four years old when Naar took control of her world, quickly overtaking the stunned military and destroying any sense of government and control. F. Galloway’s family was killed in a house-by-house raid conducted by Impaler, but she managed to escape capture and went into hiding. After a few years in the wild, she came across a resistance cell, which took her in and trained her to kill Naar. When she was fifteen, her impatience finally snapped, and she fought her way into what was thought to be Naar’s main fortress. Unfortunately, Naar was not there; Impaler was the one currently in charge. Due to his apparant immortality, Impaler easily crushed the girl, but rather than kill her outright, had her taken to the brothel. For the next several years, she became a sex slave to the occupying forces. Eventually, she managed to escape somehow, stole the only clothes she could find (a pair of pajamas), and was about to be caught by a patrol when she was snatched by Dr. Loco’s dimensional portal, which brought her into the Heavens to assist Galloway, Lone Wolf and Pooh.”

Note: I doubt I would have been as in-depth back then, but the point is, she was defeated by Impaler and reduced to a rape toy.

Mox’s survival was not planned. I had fully intended for the battle to be the end of the evil mage, but like always, fate does not like happy endings. When I made the decision to write another saga, I brought Mox back from the dead, and even had him betray Naar in the final battle. Sadly, the Naar saga was the last time I truly developed Mox in any way. Since then, he’s just been the Chaotic Evil counterpart to the more Neutral and Lawful Evils that persist in my fic universe. Still, he remains the funnest to write; since he’s a character with no redeeming factors at all, it’s painfully easy to write for him.

Pooh was slipped in as a joke. It wasn’t until the multi-chapter battle with Mox began that I decided on how to use him.

This was also the last time I referred explicitly to the fic universe as being the Internet. It was hinted at again in the Christmas Saga, but I decided by that point to adopt the multiverse from Wil’s fics, threby negating that possibility.

Next time: A bit more about Naar, and the Origins Saga, AKA how I took a good idea and screwed it up.

Screw the rest of Naar; I need to vent about Origins Saga…

ORIGINS SAGA: Or “How I Revealed a Lot About the Future but Not About the Past”

Dr. Kaizer was created a long time before the Naar Saga had even ended; in fact, I had originally planned to use him, but dropped the idea due to a lack of time. I liked the character, however, so I stuck him in the next saga. Out of all my villains (that survived more than one saga), Dr. Kaizer has changed the least; I have never changed his backstory, nor his ideals, nor his ultimate goals. The only real addition was that of the Hybrids, which occured much, much later on.

It was during this time that I realized Galloway had no real backstory. This was mostly because I just kept changing his abilities. Originally, he was a primarily normal human, save for an inability to die (the reasons for this will be covered in the Final Saga), some flying ability, and a small amount of magic. Towards the end of the Mox Saga, I gave him DBZ-style abilities, which were expanded upon WAY too much in the Daemon Saga. After that, I gave him Kai Disciplines, making him even more Gary Stu-ish. Finally, I decided to end it all at the end of Naar and settle in on a specific origin, and use the fic to explain it.

The alternate Galloways were there simply to add some kind of threat. Unfortunately, I got the math wrong and placed more than originally said. Oh well, I doubt anyone really noticed.

The Dragonballs were added because of Star’s comments. It’s all his fault. Cut off his little barbed penis if you want.

Some more to come…


And I’ve just checked that post… I have no idea what “KZ of StarStorm” means now. I’m thinking “kill zone”, but eh.


I like to think Mox really came into being in this saga, although that is most likely not true. Before this, he was really just another standard villain, bent on destroying all life in the universe. That goal has stuck around, but I also wanted to make sure he had some sense of a real backstory. The problem was, I didn’t really think it through; most of it was thought up on the fly, resulting in a rather jilted method of storytelling. I couldn’t even think of a good way to kill him, but then again, I never wnated him to die. I honestly like the character too much to kill him, at least until the end of the Final Saga.

Lani was a last-minute addition. Originally, I thought of brining back Meliah, and having her assist the group, but then I realized the fic was set only a short time after the Naar Saga, in which she was pregnant; therefore, it would not have worked if she was with the group. Lani’s character was originally meant to be a ghost, brought into being simply because her brother refused to enter the afterlife peacefully, thereby giving her the right to torment him for his manipulations and murderous intent. She WILL be back, however.

Suprisingly, GOD was always Galloway. That was the idea behind much of the Origins Saga; he is doomed to become the destroyer of worlds, only to be killed by himself.

Maria and Kerr were added just for the hell of it. I had no idea how I would portray them. There, that’s it. I don’t wish to talk about this saga any more.

THE CHRISTMAS SAGA: Having fun with the holidays!

Christmas is a time of the year I love and hate. I love the general feeling of the air, the feelings of gentleness and good will towards men. I hate the mad rush to buy gifts, the massive amounts of piled debt, and the sheer number of religious nutjobs that use any sentence not mentioning Jesus as a threat to their religion. However, there is yet another thing I hate: Christmas specials. So why write one? Well, I wanted to have some fun, that’s why! And why start in November? It simply gives me more time to write, something that Wil eventually realized.

Not much was cut from the Christmas Saga; at least, that I can remember. Well, here’s a quick rundown of what I can:

*More interactions between the childish members of RPGC.
*Poke and Fou-lu in the underground caves. That was going to be a longer chapter, with Poke firing silver arrows at zombies and Fou-lu outsmarting a talking statue.
*Santa was going to defeat Half-Santa, and then let him live. Of course, Half-Santa would have attacked, and in reflex, Santa would accidently send him flying to his death. Instead, I ran out of time and strength, and instead ended it with only the latter part.

Next time: More Christmas!