Before I kill you...

…I want to thank you. You’ve made my plan so much easier by trying to thwart it. Now that I possess the Crystal Forge of Ach’thul, I’ll be able to power my robot armies at 3000 times my current efficiency levels! How ironic the very device you acquired to destroy me would be the same one… that will destroy you. I’ve tied you to an unnecessarily slowly moving conveyor belt. By the time you reach the end, you’ll be within the Forge itself! Then, I will use the samples from your DNA to create powerful robot clones to do my bidding! I hope that you’re comfortable in your straps, because it is the last comfort you will ever know. Minions! Flip the switch!

Now, I’d love to stay, but all this taking over the world business is really taxing. I’ll leave you to your fate. Hehehe…hohoho… MUWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! AAAHHHH HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HAAAAAAA! TA TA!

Are you on crack?

Am I mad? Or a visionary.

I suspect that you’re full of it (and by it I mean lead since your prisoner has escaped, seduced your buxom female Sub-Commander, called the Calvary, has turned your dastardly dooms day device against you and your volcano moon base, and just now shot you in an awesomely cool and agonizing way (cheezy pun about cheese included)).

You fool! No clobot of me would obey a wretch like you!

Ken, what’s up? This doens’t sound like you at all…

Ah, but Killmore, as you can see, Arac is still in chains. Do you think that I would fall for your bluff? You have no comprehension of the depths of my POWER!

chuckles It doesn’t sound like me? Well, then. I guess you didn’t know me very well at all. GUARDS! SEIZE THIS IMPUDENT FOOL! I think he needs to be taught a lesson about… assumptions?

As for you, Arac… you won’t obey? Really? You forget so easily, don’t you? The Forge will MAKE you obey the keyholder. And since I hold the key… well… I think that you can understand the gravity of the situation. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Anyway, I really gotta go do villain stuff. I’ll leave you alone with a few incompetent guards, and assume you become a horrible clobot slave.

I’ll show you the gravity of the hammer coming down on you hard, someday, you monster.

I’ll show you it takes more than a cheap wind-up toy to break the human spirit, villain!

Meanwhile, as the conveyor belts carries him closer to his doom, the hero frantically searches his pockets for something he can modify to help him escape. So far he’s found: spare change, keys, a pillcase, his wallet, his little black book, lint…

McGuyver theme plays!


I, for one, welcome our new generic angsty overlords!

Movin’ dis to Free RP.

What now? Can’t you see I’m busy?

What? He’s escaping? Don’t just stand there: do something! GUARDS! DON’T LET THEM GET AWAY! I PAY YOUR SALARY, YOU INCOMPETENT BUFFOONS! And take him alive. I want to deal with him… personally. pulls out a wicked looking laser gun of awesomeness

starts punching and polishammering any minion in his way, still with a part of the conveyor belt tied to his back

Deal with this, personally, sissy!

throws conveyor chunk at GAP

You are a minority of one who needs to write more often.