Bees and Electromagnetic Pulses

Scientists have known for a while that bees have an electromagnetic sense, just like sharks and platypi. Now there’s a guy who believes man-made electro-magnetic fields are responsible for the reduction of bee populations around the world. There’s even an easily reproducible experiment to show that:


The article opens by saying that recorded bee population decline has been going on for more than a century, making it very likely that industrialization, pollution, and destruction of habitats are the main causes, not EM waves, which have only become popular via radio waves in the 1920s and cell phones (which the article proposes as the main culprit), which have only existed for the last 2 decades.

Y’know, they keep saying the bees are dying off. I haven’t seen less bees than normal. It’s just fox news trying to make the american public panic.

I only see yellow jackets anymore.