If you are under your country’s legal age to imbibe an alcoholic beverage, please do not post here ;p

But on an unrelated note, what is your favorite beer.

Mine is a tie between Guinness and Heineken.

Molsen Ice.

Heineken… duh…

I dislike beer for the most part, much preferring wine, and to a lesser extent, cider and mead. The best beer which I have tasted, though, is probably Guiness.

Pacific Pilsner is good, for what you pay.

I have to agree with Perci on this one, I’m just not a big fan of beer.

However I do like a refreshing Smirnoff Ice, every once and a while.

Hoegaarden…belgian beer. or since it’s almost impossible to find now that I’m back in the States, I usually go with Warsteiner.

I’m with Perc. Beer bad. I prefer the taste of wine or wine coolers.

Actually, I like beer when in cooking (usually as a braising agent in stews or in batter for fish and chips). I have used Warsteiner in sauerbraten and a Belgian beer whose name I cannot remember for carbonnades à la flamande. Of course, beer acquires a different taste when cooked, and even then, it is never a dominant flavour in the dish.

Nah. Beer in barbequeing’s good. My favorite beer though, is Erdinger. BUT, that’s just because I can’t drink over here, but could legal drink in Italy. So I haven’t tasted Irish beer in recent history.

Hoegaarden!! yay it’s pretty decent, but I always go crazy drunk when I drink that in large quantities… don’t know why… it’s not a normal drunken state… but still acceptable though

Miller Genuine Draft. But I don’t really drink beer anyway. Liquer’s Quicker.

Wow, I never think of Hoegaarden as difficult to find - there’s a taproom downtown that has at least 230 beers I think, and it’s always there. Maybe I’m spoiled.

I’m not much of a beer person, but I’ll drink some cider. I’ll really drink some wine or liquor.

I drink Heinleinican, the strange bear in a strange can.


I don’t really drink, due to an unfortunate circumstance, but when I did I hated beer. I love Smirnoff Ice, and I outdrank everyone in my house one night when we did tequila shots . . . but then again that led to me topping it off with half a Killian’s Irish Red and that led to one sick kitty. But, I’ve never puked!

I did however get married with alcohol poisoning as a direct consequence of that night. Yes, it was still consentual.

Wine is fine but whiskey is quicker… suicide is slow with liquor.

But I’m being a hypocrite. I don’t drink beer, but a good screwdriver now and then… mmm.

There’s this new Rum called Cruzan. It’s pretty good, it’s real smooth too. We had some Mango flavored, and it was pretty damn good. Not all that strong though I don’t think.

Beer, pshaw. Go whisky!