Taters! :open_mouth:

Now that’s a beefcake.

…Wow that is VERY odd…

That dosen’t look very healthy. But I shall try it anyways!

Eww o_O

not so fresh


It had to be done eventually.

Couldn’t we be dead before they made this!?!?!?!?It looks more like poopcake to me.

Thanks for the laugh! It looks kinda interesting!

Nasty but interesting.

Dude. This so totally rocks. I HAVE to make myself one. I’d probably use turkey though, or a hamburger/turkey mix.

Oh, offhand, Stormrage… are you a PETA member?

I love meat, but that looks absolutely abhorrent.

I don’t see why. It’s just meat loaf with mashed potatoes, with a bit of ketchup “icing”. I could probably do without the icing, really.

I hate meatloaf, for one. Second of all, aesthetics DO play a part (at least psychologically) when it comes to food. I do not want meat looking like a cake.

I hate meatloaf.I hate potatoes.And what is the PETA???

It looks <i>delicious</i>.

Close your eyes and eat it. :stuck_out_tongue:

stormrage, PETA = People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals

Understandable, that. I, personally, love meatloaf, and I honestly think this is a very creative way to present it, myself. Yummeh.

stormrage, PETA = People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals

I see…Well I just DO NOT like meatloaf…Or mashed potatoes…I have eating ketchup by itself,it is quite tasty!

But, one must understand, they leave out from their title the part where they scream and gnash their teeth to the tune of “And To Hell with Humans!”