Because you demaned it

No shit. Or at least until they have BL avvy week. Then I’ll roll my eyes and scream ‘IRONY! NOOOOO!’

That avatar is so good, that you can choose it next week. Unless you want to have a vote.

But with great power comes great responsibility.

Damn that 98!

And we don’t have to listen to the mob. We could just follow BMO since it was his idea.

Step by Step? Ohh, you mean like these?

Next week? Evil Villains…? Too late.

Ahhh! It’s TV’s Patrick Duffy!

At least no one has chosen Suzanne Somers yet.

It’s some old television series that people with next to no taste used to watch and still do.

You obviously don’t understand the amazing charm of really bad television

No, I don’t. Is there one?

It’s a campy feel, like when a clown dies. Step by Step was great since no one actualy acted like that.

We are talking about the same series, aren’t we, you know, the one with that moderately famous rollercoaster in the intro?