Because you demaned it

Step by Step avatar week. Over 1000 votes for “Step by Step” were counted so to please the masses the week of 7/17 will be Step By Step avatar week.

It has also come to my attention that there is a group of rebels that request “Villian” avatar week. Please ignore them as this IS a democracy and they just can’t get over the fact that they lost.

Fucking awesome!

They still have that show on TV every once in a while :slight_smile:

I so got this on lock.

Because you (984) demanDed it.

Eh? What??

Give Me some Time and I’ll do A Weasly’s Spescal from Book 6.

Now I know even less what this show is.

And 984’s avatar really startled me at first. :stuck_out_tongue:

Step by Step, Day by Day, this new avatar week thing is becoming g…dumb. It’s becoming dumb.

21 Jump Street, yo. :slight_smile:

I still say… Oh heck, I’ll just go ahead myself. Maybe I’ll attract followers.

(What the heck IS Step by Step anyway?)

As far as I can tell some show that used to be on, or still is on at sometimes. Oh well.

Next week will be “Breath of Fire 4 characters that have been recolored avatar week”. THERE YOU HAPPY NOW?

No, cos then it’ll be like that episode of Doug, where everyone sees that guy on TV that dresses like him, and everyone at school dresses like Doug (even though his original getup near the end of the show was so, fucking, cool). Well FUCK you guys, I liked this shit before it was cool.


GIR! ^^

I’m willing to bet beer was in Step by Step, so I’m still sticking with this.

Everyone who participates in this ridiculous event needs to go climnb Mt Fuji or something

You know you love the piercing gaze of Patrick Duffy.

Why don’t you go climb Mt. Fuji or something?

Look, guys, if we are going to be doing the Avatar Week events -and I enjoy them so far- then we HAVE to go with what the majority wants. The Villain theme was winning when 98 cheated, so that’s what we should go by.

(Which is, of course, all part of my MASTER PLAN! BAA HA HAAA!!!)