...Because who needs Dignity?


I really don’t know what to add to this as a caption. Except that it seems to me that this brings a level of comparative dignity to beating off.

It’s Japan, there’s really nothing else that needs to be said.

Damn… that pillow looks like it’s getting more than most people here ever will…


But then again there IS the body-length Kasumi pillow as well. :stuck_out_tongue:

And it’s not anitomatically correct. The guy at my local EB imported the X-Box just for the pillow, and he told me.

The thought of sleeping with a pillow in the shape of anything else than a pillow creeps me out. Needless to say this is at the top of the list, with the life-size Barney plushie not far behind.

I want one of those.

Listen to Chuh. He oozes with wisdom. And boogers.

vomits uncontrollably

Why do I have the feeling this’ll give birth to an idea of an inflatable female ass that men can slap? 8P

Why do I have the feeling that already exists, but we just haven’t heard of it yet?

That is screwed up.

There are worse ideas to come from japan, i.e. square watermelons.

They’re making one for men, something about a lap you can sit on. (shouldn’t it be the other way around?)

Anyway, I remember seeing this a few weeks ago, and it was in the paper yesterday.

Here’s the candidate for biggest loser ever.

“My grandmother used to say that there is nothing more comfortable pillow than human,” says Kakehashi. “I always thought someone’s lap is the best pillow for me. So, I thought that maybe women want to sleep on the arm shaped pillow. As a fact, my kids always like to sleep on my arm. Human pillow seems to be warm and healing. This is why I made this arm shaped pillow.”

I think it’s the person with whom you’re with is what’s supposed to be comforting, not just an arm…otherwise we’d be hacking peoples arms off and using them as pillows. ^^

There’s already one developed by a North American company. The only differences are it has two ‘arms’ and it’s not as anatomically correct as the Japanese one. It doesn’t have hands.

I’d buy it.

…and humanity takes another nose dive. At this rate it will kill itself in 10…9…