Because we've not had one in a while...

stupid ebay auction

This one is special on so many levels-

  1. It’s a potato.
  2. The person it’s supposedly been touched by, no one has actually ever heard of
  3. The signed pic probably isn’t even worth the current asking price
  4. Which is all of 92p.

Enjoy, people… :get it?:

These stupid ebay things, I wouldn’t pay 3 pounds for a potato.

I got curious, and looked up ‘Robert Kite’ on and there was nothing. This is the most informative music site thought possible, so the guy probably made him up.

Could this be him?
from a google search

I’m going to sell an apple, touched by me. It will only cost £5.

I’m going to get rich. Woohoo.

The things on eBay are silly, and only getting worse.

Just a few more stupid auctions, and I can get rich offa Ebay…

Originally posted by vyse the legend
Could this be him?
from a google search

The potato is worth something because it could last 100 years, not because it was owned by him

The guy selling it is Robert Kite. Duh. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m going to sell my pants, under the assumption that someday I’ll be a famous author. It’s the investment opportunity of a lifetime, you can’t lose!

I wonder how it tastes?

Originally posted by Gilgamesh
I wonder how it tastes?
Probably like a potato. A very old potato.

I’m going to sell my finger nail clippings! $2