Because one stingray gained worldwide fame, others have to imitate him

What are the odds?

Odds that stingrays are hunting us for sport after getting confident over killing Steve Irwin? I dunno, I give it 60-40.

They did take down our greatest warrior. We are screwed.

Weird O_o

When I first rad it I thought the ray had leaped out of the water and landed sting first on the man’s chest. Now that would be a freak accident.

Anyway, I was taught when young that you don’t grab stingrays to throw them away when they come onboard. You use some long object to get rid of them. Which makes me think of giant mantas, which can leap off the water too. Now if there’s something I’d love to see would be a giant manta coming onboard.

They make it sound like it was all the stingray’s fault. I do give it 60-40. 60 for the dude who didnt just poke it off the boat with a stick or something and 40 to the stingray for…just for the hell of it. But seriously, what are the odds?

Am I the only one sensing a sinister plot in the works? My main suspect is Man-Ray. Quick! Someone call Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy!

Jesus Christ, they must’ve already slain Aquaman!!!

Nobody can stop the stingray invasion!!! O_O

I’m thinking: some buckshot could take care of that …

(Actually, specifically, I’m imagining playing HL2 and shooting a stingray with the shotgun)

Y’know, we can reduce the number of stingray attacks if we just poison the ocean.

We’re doomed! Nature is rising up against us!

Yeah, and also if we wipe out the entire human race in a slow, unpleasant manner. The question is, how to do that.

… Wait, I know! Let’s poison the ocean!

Hey! That’s a good idea writes it down …for, er, a school project :ah-ha!:.

You guys are a few decades late, most of our sewage goes there. So we’re not just poisoning it, we’re poisoning it with our bodily digestion residues.

That will impurify all of our precious bodily fluids!