Because it's just that awesome...

Sin’s hair demands two threads. Everybody, go look at his avvy and behold the golden threads of his wonderous hair. All those who refuse shall die.

If I was gay, I’d TOTALLY go for Sin.

…what? I said if I was gay! IF!

Sin has convinced me that PKT_Plushie is right about me.

Hey didnt I just read this thread?

There’s already a thread about this. So no, there isn’t a need for a second one.

How dare you interfere with my tribute?! YOU SHALL PAY! I will send you all to the darkest recesses of hell if its the last thing I do, peasants!

Edit: I wonder what you people’d say if I could somehow get my red highlights to show.

Somebody just got told.

Stop with the virtual ego massage already! :smiley:

That’s it. I’m gonna go make Tutti Fruity the only style available. ALL BECAUSE OF SINISTRAL! >:O

This means WAR! I will burn your cities and steal your women!

I’d make a vaguely insulting comment about a possible homosexual relationship between the green ranger and the red ranger.

You highlight your hair?


Any guy that has long hair automatically is considered to have the best hair ever.

My hair naturally has red reflections under light.

And Trk, its rare to make long hair look good.

I have long hair… not as long as Sin’s, but still…

Mine poofs out though… sniff

Weeeeeeeee! A war! Can I be in charge of torturing your prisoners?

:moogle: Wasn’t Tommy the green and red ranger?

Tommy took over as Red Ranger once Jason quit. I think he became the White ranger before that, after his Green Ranger powers somehow got destroyed.

I love how threads about Sin always turn to power ranger discussions.

Now he is the black ranger, and a Doctor.

I’m a DOCTOR and I’m here to hand out some HOT DICKINGS!