Because it turns out I've been here a pretty long time

Jon Stewart, every time. I like Colbert, I just think Stewart is funnier.

Maybe he’s the best actor of your time, some of our periods had class. >:(

<.< longer than I have. Maybe since ezboards? I’ll say since ezboards.

Come here and find out if this beard is just for show. ~_^

Tacos. <.< Neither, really, but tacos.
Spear, but only because I know how to fight with that. :stuck_out_tongue:

<.< Hey, sword or spear was a serious question to me!
But yeah, me, the Sandman comics and I guess my girlfriend. I guess. I dunno, I don’t think I’d be particularly happy no matter what I chose to save.

Batman dude, please keep it to srs questions only. Srsly.

Oh yeah! The thing! I remember the thing, it was great! I loved the thing!

Something about the Dow Jones, newest rollercoaster at Financial Lands ™.

Family Guy. I really like the latest series of South Park, the latest series of Family Guy was just…ugh. Didn’t care for it.

Because an Unkindness just seems like an odder choice to me. A murder is so blatantly, obviously evil, but an Unkindness just sounds like they’re a little bit stingy. I just love it.