Because I'm bored - Wallpaper thread

Thank you Izlude. here is my screen.

Pappy’s Daughter made the wallpaper in case you were wondering.


I really need a new background, but I haven’t found one that I want. Right now I just have the vortec space thing that comes preloaded with windows xp.

I would win but none of you fags appreciate the classics.

Looks like a G-Gundam/Go-Gay-Gar/Big-O/whatever the hell else robot.

Whats it from, so that I may begin the appriciation process.

NM, that “getter robo” at the bottom gives it away… Never heard of it. I am uncultured swine.

I just like this image a lot.

No, you don’t. That’s an Epiphone flying V, you fucking loser! Get a Gibson or scram! :hahaha; No real emphasis on the fucking loser part, but I’m serious here, epiphones blow. I doubt you play guitar, anyways, so you probably don’t know what I’m talking about!

Things are a little cluttered because I’m lazy. And yes, that’s a picture of some clouds. I’m so cool.

I second epiphones sucking.
I have a silvertone and it’s better (yeah, it’s a les paul wannabe, but it’s still better.)

<img src=“”>

Funny, I have an Epiphone that kicks ass, and for the price it was the best guitar I could buy (neck through, never goes out of tune, Seymour Duncan pickups).
So nyah :stuck_out_tongue:

My wallpaper is a photoshop of a Dean Razorback made to look like a flying v.

Good for you. I still wouldn’t touch one with a ten foot pole. If I was going to get anything like that, it would be a Gibson or nothing. Not that I’m a Gibson fanboy, I like atleast one model from pretty much all the big name guitar brands.

I know what you mean, but I can’t afford a Gibson :stuck_out_tongue: The music shops around me are extremely limited so it was basically Epiphone’s or cheap bolt on strat copies.


Installing Windows XP, Please Wait…


I’m Posting as I’m Installing…

EDIT: Can Some Tell me what is the text next to XP?

Very Interesting. Wide variety of programs, too.

My Desktop

This because it’s cute and pretty fanart. ^^


Art by Artgerm.

Also, yay at Trillian for being a GlassShard fan :3

Since I posted Last, I finnished installing XP and most of the recomened software.

Yeah, that is Nvu, Out look Express, Firefox. With Mozilla added It abits overkills. (I thinks not!) Nvu for Shine, Mozilla Chatzilla.

Note what some of the OS-Tans are “saying” XP-pro is not a pig, and 98 is a Girl. The one under the word “Know” is NT4.

Come to the Desktop of the Clash City Rockers…

Shocktober requires a Misfits background.