Because I'm bored - Wallpaper thread

How long has it been since the last one?

That’s a sea vermin, or sea worm (dunno the exact name) resting on a coral.

Here is my desktop from my new computer, which is still going through some growing pain (needs more ram).

404, Rirse.

Duh. Why else did I ninja edit it.

Where’d you get that wallpaper?

My wallpaper’s stone henge.

mine is a wallpaper from the official FEAR site. It’s the one with the little girl in it. creepy little bitch.
Edit: Now with a link!

<a href = “” target = “new”>Bam!</a>

I got the wallpaper by typing “kotor wallpaper” in Google Image search. And you still play Warcraft 3, Cless?

Rirse, that KOTOR wallpaper is fucking AWESOME :open_mouth:

Yes, I indeed like to “pwn noobs” at “DotA” and some such nonsense.

<img src=“”>

I win.

Yay for Battlemechs!

I think Epic one-upped TD.

Even so I do like the rock band version of the Seven Samurai. :smiley:

Current favourite, but I might change it to the KoToR one.

Lex’s wallpaper

I can’t remember how to take a pic of my screen. could someone remind me? please.

:moogle: pathetic.

Nulani: Isnt that scene from Kill Bill 1 though…? O.o

Cait Sith: Press the “prt scr” (print screen) button in the upper right of your keyboard. Then open up photoshop (or another imaging software like Paint…) and “paste” or CTRL+V and there you go.

Anyway, heres mine: