Because he's turning a quarter of a century old today :O

<strike>Yes, I’d like to ask for advice about a personal problem on this forum</strike>

Mwahaha! No. I’m talking about Sin. Happy birthday! :smiley:

PS: (say so as well, or die)

Happy Birthday Sin. . . . Thanks for editing all my posts you big meany. XD.

Happy birthday, you freaky, oversized monstrum with too many eyes… wait, wrong Sin.

Happy birthday, you Green Ranger lookalike of a pretty-boy, you!

<strike>foc u sin</strike> happy birthday!

Happy Day of Your Birth

Grumpy snarly birthday, Sin!

Happy anniversary, Sin! <strike>So do you get a 25th ring in some part of your anatomy now?</strike>

Happy birthday! <(’-’<) (^’-’^) (>’-’)>

Have a happy birthday, don’t kill people, help people!

Happy birthday! Thanks for not being Walhalla’s personal problem. >.>

Hey, maybe we can buy him some Depends with the site’s ad revenue.

You have no idea how happy this made me lmao

Wish I could tell you in person, but happy birthday man.

Damned shift…

Happy day, you old fogey you.

Happy birthday, Sinistral! Many happy returns. Man, we’re getting old.

Goddamn you’re old.


Happy birthday, you mine of biological knowledge you.

Happy birthday, yo.

I might be coming down around Montreal on Feburary, by the by.

Happy birthday. Only 5 years till you’re 30! (hahaa… no seriously, 25 is young, at least that’s what old people tell me :P)

Jesus, aren’t you dead yet?