Because he deserves it...

<img src=“”> Happy birthday BN! May you reproduce while on IRC for many years to come!

Happy birthday BN!

bakes a cake and puts 23 candles on it

Happy Birthday BN!

Happy Birthday mr. Professional Procreator.

Happy birthday, BN! hands him a tickle caik

Bn, you’re the biggest asshole I have ever known in my life. Happy Birthday.

BN, may the way of the hero lead to the triforce. Yours, on the other hand, might lead to a nice bottle of scotch. Or maybe something else.

Anyways, Happy birthday, dude!

Happy birthday, BN. I’ll have something witty to say next year. :stuck_out_tongue:

Happy Birthday, Mr. Black Ninja! Sorry about the bad first impression you got of me… 8)

So… what did you get for your B-Day? 8)

Happy Barf-day!

Happy B-day, BN =)

Happy birthday, Black Ninja. You will forever be remembered as the one who took my kick-virginity in the chatroom.

Happy birthday, BN, and I hope you’ve had a great year! =D

Originally posted by Sir Percival
Happy birthday, Black Ninja. You will forever be remembered as the one who took my <strike>kick-</strike>virginity in the chatroom.

Perc, I never would have suspected… :o

does the happy birthday dance for BN, although she really shouldn’t, considering the comment she got from him for the hello dance


Happy birthday, BN.

It will please you to know that I’m typing up this post while wearing nothing at all. :cool:

That’s more than I needed to know, Kerpo.

Happy Birthday BN, even though you probably aren’t reading this.

Remember back when I first joined and you almost perm-banned me because I called you a drunk?

Originally posted by Stevus

Gah! VBcode, 10 o’clock! Blam blam! Kekekekekeke!

Sorry about that. I had to.

Happy Birthday BN. I’m sure someone will link you here from IRC sometime or other. Have fun, kill something, sleep in, play videogames, and of course, nerdilate around on IRC.